We specialize in site development, earthwork, building construction, roads & bridges etc. Represents well-known brands of Industrial Valves, Fittings, & Valves. We are leaders in sourcing and supply of all industrial materials. Our Material sourcing team is with extreme product knowledge and sourcing support all over the world. We shall be pleased to discuss and assist your requirements. The customization is based on the client's interest and the process shall be completed on time. Whereas our Procurement and Quality Assurance works meticulously so as to ensure that the procured materials meet the might industry quality standards. Heavy Equipment's Spare Parts Fan Belt Oil Filter Fuel Filter Air Filter (Big) Radiator Hose Upper Radiator Hose Lower By-pass Hose Oil Sensor Water Temp Sensor Building Materials (Wood) COMM Plywood 4x8x6MM King do COMM Plywood 4x8x9MM & 4x8x12MM King do Film Face Plywood 4x8x18MM Creon-WBP Film Face Plywood 4x8x18MM Merino plex Film Face Plywood 4x8x18MM Kangkong White Wood Room 2x2x13Ft White Wood Room 2x4x13Ft White Wood Room 2x3x13Ft Industrial Materials Insulation Butt-Weld Pipe Fittings Miscellaneous Pipe Fittings Pipes Bolts & Nuts Valves Flanges