We provide of pipeline equipment for pipeline projects, From small businesses to large corporations, we have the right pipe. We are reaching out to express our interest in collaborating on a pipeline project. We possess a substantial fleet of SIDE BOOM, all in tons, along with highly skilled and experienced SPSP operators (pip layers). We believe our resources and expertise can contribute significantly to the success of the project. Side boom is designed for large pipe diameter work and heavy lifting with a variety of features that are purpose-built for increased lift capacity, enhanced slope capability, side-to-side stability, ease of operation and reliable performance. Built from the ground up with a pipe liner’s job tasks in mind, the pipe layer takes on the unique demands of pipeline applications so that you can go to work safely and efficiently. The pipe layers are built on the same platform for ease of use and consistency. The side booms are made up of 100% Caterpillar components with quality parts and product support anywhere in the world. This is our commitment to you. As your partner, side boom can help you plan for a successful project by answering any questions you might have, make recommendations specific to your pipeline project and help you streamline the process.