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We provide the wide range of activities involved in the construction, operation, and maintenance of pipelines.on type from heavy loads to last mile We provide complete range of civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation services. -Hydraulic internal lineup clamp -Mechanical internal lineup clamp -Pipe roller cradle &sling -Pipe pussing rollers -Pipe lowering -in belts -Classic torch holder -Chain type pipe cutting machine


Providing all type of trucks and transportation type from heavy loads to last mile. a management position that handles the warehousing, shipping and receiving operations for a company. oversee the transportation and storage of products or materials, which often includes administrative tasks and sometimes manual labor. provide or improve access to different locations for businesses and individuals, for both freight and personal movements. Logistics and transportation are two of the most important aspects of supply chain management. If logistics are done improperly, it can cause a bottleneck in the entire supply chain and disrupt the flow of goods. It's best to prevent this from happening as much as possible because it can be very costly to fix. The transportation industry focuses on the actual movement of products via ground, ocean, and air conveyances (methods of transport). Logistics covers a much broader scope of activities that facilitate the management of product movement within the supply chain.


We provides comprehensive range of road surfacing solutions to industrial, commercial and residential customers throughout Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Asphalt laborers assist in the pouring, smoothing and setting of asphalt on roads, pathways, and parking lots. The main role of the asphalt laborer is to look after the mat. This includes raking, sweeping, and lining out the road, as well as working alongside the tractor, mill, paver, and the screed. The responsibilities of an Asphalt Laborer include delivering water to the rollers and plate compactors, preparing the pavement saw, measuring the line for the day, sweeping and raking the deck, working in between the mill, directing traffic, and cleaning the area at the end of the day. An asphalt paving laborer is responsible for preparing the job site, setting up equipment, and performing manual labor such as digging, raking, and sweeping.


We provide complete range of civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation services.


To automate constructions IT inspections, prevent machinery failure, and improve worker safety. Ensuring data storage is safe and secure. Resolving all issues coworkers have with their IT systems and software. Educating coworkers about network security and best practices for computer usage. Supporting the day-to-day operations of our computer network. It solutions specialists are responsible for developing and implementing technical solutions to business problems. They work closely with clients to understand their business needs and then design and implement solutions that meet those needs. Monitor, prioritize and respond to user requests and incidents. Handle incoming IT support tickets. Troubleshoot. Provide local and remote IT support. Password resets. Desktop/laptop hardware installs or upgrades. Onboarding and termination of accounts. Server maintenance.


We specialize in site development, earthwork, building construction, roads & bridges etc. Represents well-known brands of Industrial Valves, Fittings, & Valves. We are leaders in sourcing and supply of all industrial materials. Our Material sourcing team is with extreme product knowledge and sourcing support all over the world. We shall be pleased to discuss and assist your requirements. The customization is based on the client's interest and the process shall be completed on time. Whereas our Procurement and Quality Assurance works meticulously so as to ensure that the procured materials meet the might industry quality standards. Heavy Equipment's Spare Parts Fan Belt Oil Filter Fuel Filter Air Filter (Big) Radiator Hose Upper Radiator Hose Lower By-pass Hose Oil Sensor Water Temp Sensor Building Materials (Wood) COMM Plywood 4x8x6MM King do COMM Plywood 4x8x9MM & 4x8x12MM King do Film Face Plywood 4x8x18MM Creon-WBP Film Face Plywood 4x8x18MM Merino plex Film Face Plywood 4x8x18MM Kangkong White Wood Room 2x2x13Ft White Wood Room 2x4x13Ft White Wood Room 2x3x13Ft Industrial Materials Insulation Butt-Weld Pipe Fittings Miscellaneous Pipe Fittings Pipes Bolts & Nuts Valves Flanges


We manage the repairs & maintenance of all equipment's, whether a planned or unscheduled shutdown minimizing the downtime. Shutdowns are necessary because they are often required by federal and state governing agencies to prevent accidents and to ensure that the plants are running within required regulations. All equipment has operational and warranty requirements on when it should be serviced and inspected. When executed effectively, Shutdown Maintenance can improve the availability and uptime of individual equipment, thereby increasing the overall plant availability, throughput and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The goal of a shutdown is that the work completed during the shutdown will restore the condition of all plant and equipment to be safe and fit to perform its intended function once the plant is up and running post-shutdown.


We Provides highly skilled engineers, technicians and skilled labors for construction and Maintenance work in various projects of civil mechanical, electrical & instrumentation. Our Technical Support Service Division thoroughly screens the candidates before presenting to the client to save their valuable time. We depute skilled and experience employees to avoid unnecessary delay in executing the project. ARAMCO APPROVED & TUV QUALIFIED ENGINEERS Mechanical Engineers Piping Engineers Planners H.V.A.C Engineers Civil Engineers Instrumentation Engineers Electrical Engineers Material Engineers Computer Engineers QA/QC Engineers Construction Engineers Safety Engineers QUALIFIED Executive Secretary Data Entry Document Controllers Office Boys Admin Assistant Computer Operators Auto Cad (Civil, Mechanical) Permit Receiver Time Keeper Janitor Telephone Operator Office Driver SEMI SKILLED Millwright Fitter Instrument Fitter Pipe Fitter 3G Welders Carpenters Crane Operator Rigger (Level 1,2,3) Mason (Building, Tiles) Steel Erecters Plumbers Light Drivers Fork Lift Operator Heavy Driver Scaffolder (T.U.V Certified) Manhole Watch Assistant Safety Officer QUALIFIED Welding Inspectors QA/QC ( Civil, Mechanical, Instrumentation ) Instrument Technicians Millwright Technicians TIG Welders ( SS/CS ) MIG Welders 6G Welders Wireman Electricians Sheet Metal Fabricator Structural Fabricator Piping Fabricator Machinist Draftsman ( Elf, Civil, Mech ) Chemist QUALIFIED SUPERVISIORS & FOREMENS Piping Supervisors & Foremen Mechanical Supervisors & Foremen H.V.A.C Supervisors & Foremen Civil Supervisors & Foremen Instrumentations Supervisors & Foremen Electrical Supervisors & Foremen Millwright Technician & Foremen Scaffolding Supervisors & Foremen ( T.U.V Certified ) Welding Supervisors & Foremen Rigger Supervisors & Foremen H.V.A.C Foremen SKILLED Labors Mechanic Helpers Cleaners Teaboys


We offer all kinds of materials related to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. We are suppliers for all kinds of Pipes, Pipe Fittings, and Flanges & Gratings. Valves & Gaskets, We are Local Manufacturer for all kinds of FASTENERS, Steel Plates/ Bars Foils, Angle Bars, Beam I U h Supply & Maintenance of All Electrical Items, Welding Electrodes, Drill Bits. Supply of Industrial Power Tools & Hand Tools, Supply of all Safety Items, We supply all kinds of Paints from our partners, Industrial Chemicals. We are suppliers for all kinds of Pipes, Pipe Fittings, and Flanges & Gratings Valves & Gaskets We are Local Manufacturer for all kinds of FASTENERS We supply all kinds of Paints from our Partners Supply of all Safety Items Supply of Industrial Power Tools & Hand Tools Supply & Maintenance of All Electrical Items, Welding Electrodes, Drill Bits Steel Plates/ Bars Foils, Angle Bars, Beam I U H


We provide of pipeline equipment for pipeline projects, From small businesses to large corporations, we have the right pipe. We are reaching out to express our interest in collaborating on a pipeline project. We possess a substantial fleet of SIDE BOOM, all in tons, along with highly skilled and experienced SPSP operators (pip layers). We believe our resources and expertise can contribute significantly to the success of the project. Side boom is designed for large pipe diameter work and heavy lifting with a variety of features that are purpose-built for increased lift capacity, enhanced slope capability, side-to-side stability, ease of operation and reliable performance. Built from the ground up with a pipe liner’s job tasks in mind, the pipe layer takes on the unique demands of pipeline applications so that you can go to work safely and efficiently. The pipe layers are built on the same platform for ease of use and consistency. The side booms are made up of 100% Caterpillar components with quality parts and product support anywhere in the world. This is our commitment to you. As your partner, side boom can help you plan for a successful project by answering any questions you might have, make recommendations specific to your pipeline project and help you streamline the process.


we provide quality rental equipment certified with Aramco and TUV HEAVY EQUIPMENT Bus/Coaster Mobile Crane Crawler Crane Forklift Man lift Loader Dump Truck Excavator Trailer Water Tanker Bobcat Rough Terrain Crane Telescopic Fork Lift Rock Breaker Wheel Loader Front & Back-hoe loader Side Boom Bulldozer Roller Compactor Boom Truck Backhoe Grader Diesel Tanker Flat bed trailer Low bed trailer Motor Grader Concrete Mixer LIGHT EQUIPMENT Tower Light Power Generator Air Compressor Welding Machine Plate Compactor Coring Machine