We Provides highly skilled engineers, technicians and skilled labors for construction and Maintenance work in various projects of civil mechanical, electrical & instrumentation. Our Technical Support Service Division thoroughly screens the candidates before presenting to the client to save their valuable time. We depute skilled and experience employees to avoid unnecessary delay in executing the project. ARAMCO APPROVED & TUV QUALIFIED ENGINEERS Mechanical Engineers Piping Engineers Planners H.V.A.C Engineers Civil Engineers Instrumentation Engineers Electrical Engineers Material Engineers Computer Engineers QA/QC Engineers Construction Engineers Safety Engineers QUALIFIED Executive Secretary Data Entry Document Controllers Office Boys Admin Assistant Computer Operators Auto Cad (Civil, Mechanical) Permit Receiver Time Keeper Janitor Telephone Operator Office Driver SEMI SKILLED Millwright Fitter Instrument Fitter Pipe Fitter 3G Welders Carpenters Crane Operator Rigger (Level 1,2,3) Mason (Building, Tiles) Steel Erecters Plumbers Light Drivers Fork Lift Operator Heavy Driver Scaffolder (T.U.V Certified) Manhole Watch Assistant Safety Officer QUALIFIED Welding Inspectors QA/QC ( Civil, Mechanical, Instrumentation ) Instrument Technicians Millwright Technicians TIG Welders ( SS/CS ) MIG Welders 6G Welders Wireman Electricians Sheet Metal Fabricator Structural Fabricator Piping Fabricator Machinist Draftsman ( Elf, Civil, Mech ) Chemist QUALIFIED SUPERVISIORS & FOREMENS Piping Supervisors & Foremen Mechanical Supervisors & Foremen H.V.A.C Supervisors & Foremen Civil Supervisors & Foremen Instrumentations Supervisors & Foremen Electrical Supervisors & Foremen Millwright Technician & Foremen Scaffolding Supervisors & Foremen ( T.U.V Certified ) Welding Supervisors & Foremen Rigger Supervisors & Foremen H.V.A.C Foremen SKILLED Labors Mechanic Helpers Cleaners Teaboys